Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hey my fellow VPers, I'm getting this blog rolling for all y'all.

Thanks for scaring me in Detroit, Bethany.

So, I figured out two major holes in my story this morning and wrote 2000 words. Oh sorry, I put the decimal point in the wrong place, 20.00 words. (Using decimals makes e'rthing seem more official, or not. The plot hole thing is for realsies, though.)

I never thought I would have sung Bob Wills' songs with Cory Doctorow. Take me back to Tulsa, I'm to young to marry. Ow!

Yer pal,


"Shed not a tear for humanity, go fetch my stars."


Anachred said...


You were scared, I was weirded out, we're even. After all, I'm the shy kid who had to get up the nerve to see if it was you.
And I'd just spent the last minute and a half jogging with a 30 lb. backpack through that airport, and was still booking it--there wasn't anyway to just pass and no way to make it a gentle transition.

It was pretty funny to see you, though. Where did you come from? Logan? And where were you headed?

Stephen said...

Yeah, I came from Logan and was heading to Memphis.

Sorry that I weirded you out. I was hauling ashes to get to my gate to only find out that my flight was delayed, and then delayed again...