Friday, May 23, 2008

Daniel Wallace Interview

OK, it's been busy around here lately, so I'll dig into the vault for an interview I did in 2007 with Daniel Wallace. He's best known for writing Big Fish. We talked about his novel, Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician, which isn't as racist as it sounds. We did this one for a local cable show, so the sound quality kinda stinks. Sorry.

click here for the download:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kevin Brockmeier Interview

I talked with Kevin Brockmeier in late April 2008 about his latest collection of short stories, The View from the Seventh Layer. He handles SF and the fantastical with a very literary fiction-oriented approach. We also talked about comics. (I had to bluff my way through part of that, my comics knowledge is all second hand from friends. Thanks to Gabe Vaughn, Cold Eth, and the late Rick Driskill for giving me the skills to fake it to make it.)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Patrick McGrath Interview

I got a chance to talk to Patrick McGrath a few weeks ago. He has written many great psychological thrillers like, Spider, The Grotesque, and Asylum. His newest novel is Trauma. He was a great interview; I was my typical mediocre self.

Click here for the download.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fiona Maazel Interview

Last Last Chance is probably the best book that I have read so far this year, but don't get cocky, Ms. Maazel. I have an advance copy of Martin Clark's The Legal Limit in mah grubby mitts, and I am about to pass out waiting for Glen Davis Gold's Sunnyside.

That bit of ego-checking aside, Ms. Maazel has written an incredibly open-hearted and often hilarious novel of addicts, reincarnation, kosher chickens, super-plague, and the complications of family. Never has the potential end of humanity left me feeling more hopeful. Laff, doomed man, laff.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Speed Racer? Eh...

Am I just old, or was I just a grumpy kid? Speed Racer sucked when I was a crumbgrabber, and I have no desire to see the new movie version. The Wachowskis (If that is indeed how their name is spelled, not that I give one whit enough to do even a perfunctory Wikipedia search.) have made progressively worse movies starting with the vastly over-rated and mostly icky, Bound. It is written; I have spoken...